The market of car rentals in Toronto is booming as more people abstain from owning cars in the big city, and rent a vehicle whenever needed one, instead. The demand is on a constant rise, but so are prices. Even the more affordable rental agencies seem to be charging higher prices every day. This is because they are rental agencies – it is their primary income source and their car fleets are all purchased or leased. We at Toronto collision, on the other, have our own cars most of which we got at bargain prices in various states of disrepair and had fixed easily ourselves. This means we saved a great deal of money in starting our car rental service and now we can pass on the savings to you, our customers.

If you are looking for a really affordable car rental solution, especially if your own car is being serviced by our shop – look no further! We offer the very best prices for car rental in Toronto.

In case you were wondering – when safety is concerned, there is also no comparing. Our cars are owned by an automotive repair shop, this really says it all. This means that they are under regular supervision and maintenance administered by a team of expert mechanics. There is no rental service in Toronto that can boast to have its own car repair next door, but when you rent a car from us, you get exactly that.

If you are a car owner and came to Toronto collision to repair, paint or otherwise service your vehicle, you can enjoy our car rental service at an additional discount. Drop your car at our doors and leave from the same spot in another, which will cost you less and be less hassle than any rental you get anywhere else.

In all other senses, you can expect no less than in other car rentals in Toronto – a variety of vehicles to choose from, flexible rental dates and great customer service. With the added bonuses of door crasher prices, unparallelled safety, and perfect convenience.

Call Toronto Collision center to get a great car rental solution today!

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