Visiting an auto body shop is almost inevitable whether your car was involved in an accident or you just need some minor damages to be handled. Many people do not have problems in finding body shops, but the challenge lies in finding one that will fix the car to fully restore it to the condition it was in initially. Quality repair works should see the vehicle retain its value for a better resale price.

Toronto Auto Collision is a highly reputed body shop, and will assist you in handling those minor scratches or dents or major body damages. In case when repairs can’t be done, complete new installations will be done to ensure that your car gets that new fresh look again.

Why should you get your auto body repairs at Toronto Auto Collision?
We are very well equipped: the body shop is fully operational with modern equipment and tools to see to it that various body parts are repaired to the highest standards. All the technicians working in the shop also have great skills and experience in auto body repairs. There is a huge investment in diagnostic tools where even issues with electronic systems are easily identified and proper solutions are provided.

Great reputation: Toronto Auto Collision is a highly reputed body shop, having provided auto body solutions to thousands of car owners. The highly trained and competent employees have significant experience gained over the years that allows them to provide high quality services for all kinds of cars. All projects are always completed in good time.

Extra services: After an accident, your car may not be safe enough for driving but this should not be a problem since Toronto Auto Collision will organize for it’s convenient delivery directly to the body shop. Apart from body works, the car may require additional repairs or full replacement of some parts, and the highly trained technicians will also provide high quality solutions for such. Painting will also come in handy for a more attractive finish.

Competitive prices: This body shop in Toronto provides very competitive offers while still ensuring quality solutions, and this has seen many car owners visit time after time. With the highly experienced repairs assessors, you will get very accurate price estimates, and there will hardly be other charges once the job is completed. In a situation where extra services have to be offered, you will be contacted, and the scenario will be clearly explained.

Does Toronto Auto Collision extend warranty on auto body repairs?
Pro-Touch believes in the auto body repairs it provides, and this is why it extends warranties on all repairs done. You will also benefit from huge discounts where you decide to have various repair services carried out at the shop. For any inquiries or clarifications, the company has dedicated employees always willing to listen to their customers. In fact, the technicians at this body shop will provide free advice on car maintenance and how to perform some DIY car repairs.

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